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eRevenu is a turnkey sales channels for manufacturers, empowering sales teams to leverage digital selling to grow revenue.

How we help you grow

We build, manage and grow your online sales channel

Sell OnlineWe will help you leverage eCommerce as a growth channel. We will launch and manage your own customized eCommerce sales outlet and see your sales growth,
Acquire New CustomerEfficiently and rapidly expand your reach through a fully managed demand and lead generations campaigns that fill your sales funnel with potential new customers and opportunities.
Optimize SalesDeliver an unparalleled experience your customers have come to expect to stay ahead of the competition ensuring customer engagement to maximize revenue and improve sales conversions.

Generate massive eCommerce sales growth without the eCommerce complexity.

Navigate the complexity of eCommerce with a fully managed solution to uncover new sales opportunities to unleash your real digital growth potential.

Sell B2B, wholesale or direct to consumer

A fully customized online store or sales website.

Managed and maintained by a dedicated team

Manage product information and inventory

Integrate with your existing systems and processes

Supercharge your sales funnel with new opportunities.

Generate demand and target new qualified buyer with the right message at the right time to drive more leads, new conversations and opportunities that keep your sales funnel full and your sales team happy.

Create demand and generate leads

Deploy campaigns across single or multiple digital channels.

Target qualified buyers and generate marketing qualified leads.

Integrate with your CRM and marketing tools.

Engage leads and enable sales.

Leverage digital customer experience as a key competitive advantage.

Serve your customer the way they want when they want with a digital experience to offer them the tools, features and access that create real value and keep you ahead of the competition.

Provide customers with account management tools

Advanced B2B features and functions

Cross-sell & Upsell Capabilities.

Leverage automated marketing and engage customers.

A Real Turnkey

technology + marketing + expertise

We understand it could be very overwhelming to develop a digital channel due to the size of investment and implementation and managing challenges which can range from technology development, limited expertise, integrating with existing processes and the financial resources. That is why we developed a fully managed solution that include the infrastructure and technology managed with eCommerce and digital marketing experts to ensure efficiency, speed, minimize risk and drive growth.

Managed Sales ChanneleCommerce Store, Leads Generation Sites, Digital Catalog, Online Sales Funnel and Customer Ordering & quoting Portals,
Managed Digital Marketing CampaignsDemand Generation, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, Advertisement, Nurturing and Engagement,
Growth Management TeameCommerce Strategists, developers, Merchandisers, Content Creators, Designers, Marketers, Channel Managers and dedicated eCommerce director all working together as an extension of your business,

Sell your way

B2B, Wholesale, Direct to Consumer or Omnichannel

20% is the average sales growth our clients experience in the first 24 months.

Our clients had achieved growth rates that crushed all expectations in the number of opportunities, active leads and repeat business which overall drove revenue growth in some cases to three digit growth!

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